Mother, Infant and Young Child Nutrition & Malnutrition Mother, Infant and Young Child Nutrition & Malnutrition - Feeding practices including micronutrient deficiencies prevention, control of wasting, stunting and underweight
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Healthy Nutrition

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About Essential Nutrition Actions at Critical Stages in the Life Cycle of Women and Children

Knowledge Tests - Maternal Nutrition

This interactive knowledge test is currently under development.

# Questions:
Yes No
1. A pregnant woman needs to eat more than a woman who is lactating.   X
2. Red meat, liver, and green leafy vegetables contain iron. X  
3. Iodized salt is important for the whole family. X  
4. A malnourished mother will usually give birth to a low weight child. X  
5. An HIV infection increases energy and nutrient needs. X  
6. Men can help improve women's nutrition by helping them with their workload. X  
7. Only children need Vitamin A supplementation, not mothers.   X
8. Women need to de-worm during pregnancy. X  
9. The lactating woman requires more iron than the pregnant woman.   X
10. Women need iron and folic acid supplementation only one time during pregnancy.   X
11. A woman who is malnourished can still adequately breastfeed her baby. X  
12. Breastfeeding mothers should eat more than usual. X  
13. The only criteria for Lactational Amenorrhoea Method (LAM) of family planning is that a woman breastfeeds.   X

14 September, 2019

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